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WGT will create an impact on mass people's mentality. We will organize live and digital events on a big scale. In collaboration with a technology corporation, we will make NFT auctions and exhibitions. Do you imagine NFT fairs, NFT galleries, NFT museums, NFT music festivals? Maybe a technology fair where all companies reward visitors with their exclusive NFTs (Idk. Microsoft, AMD, Intel, Texas Instruments, Nvidia). We know exactly how we can get there.

Cell fire struggle



Dona Rot

Drop Hash


The struggle for supremacy is beating within us. In you and in me. Nature does not make mistakes, we humans do it. The struggle for survival and for survival is mixed in a mess of two primary principles; male and female. Who is stronger? Will the mind prevail over nature and take away its last right to fight, even if it pushes it into the abyss? All on alert people. Let the escape-fight begin.

Cell fire struggle

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