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I am a Transylvanian Photographer. This is my "Our Beautiful Planet" collection. A unique collection of 1/1 of my best Wildlife,Nature,Landscape images from Transylvania. This passion guided me to photography which has become a big part of my life. Nature has always been close to my heart. As a kid, I always loved to venture into the nearby woods to explore and see new things, and so my love for nature started when I was young. Each work is very special and unique ­čĺÄ I hope you like and support, thank you . Check out my aerial"Snake Roads" collection

Beautiful Planet #13







4231 x 5641

Edition 1/1 ­čĺÄ Title: Our Beautiful Planet #13 - "Foggy Lake" Artist: Szabo Ervin Edward Location: Lake Saint Anne,Harghita County,Transylvania ( Saint Anne Lake is the only volcanic lake in Romania and Central Europe)
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Beautiful Planet #13

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