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1/1 NFT paper collages. This collection consists of personal experiences and emotions that I tried to use scissors and glue to cut out of the flesh of the gloss. Roughly cut chaos and sticky bits of order cut from cheap glamour magazines. As usual: from one magazine as many collages as possible.






Colored paper


Chupa Caps chip

A collage from Georgian magazines about the creative transformation of reality. Colored paper and a Chupa Caps chip were used in the creation. -------------- "Inspiration is the kind of guest that doesn't like to visit the lazy." P.I. Tchaikovsky. ------------- The state of "flow" was described and researched by the American psychologist Mihai Csiksentmihaii in his book: "Flow - Psychology of Optimal Experience. He describes the state of flow as an optimal experience as follows: "It is attained in situations in which the individual is free to direct his attention to his goals because he does not have to struggle with inner turmoil or protect himself from any threats. We call this kind of state a flow state because that's the term most people we interviewed used to describe their experiences in moments when they are doing something their best: "it's like floating with the current," "I was carried by the stream.
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