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Single mom led project where I'm painting a collection of 25 paintings, each representing a Norse Rune and each with it's own meaning & message for the holder. I journeyed with Runes my entire life, on and off, but they always seemed to appear when I needed guidance or felt stuck. I want you to experience them too, through this collection. I'm painting this collection manually in mixed media and oils so it takes time to create them all, but I'd like to take you on a journey with me as each one reveals itself. Each Rune will be available as limited edition 1/100, they will be minted and numbered until the sell out. All holders unlock various utilities listed on our discord and as an original holder, you will also receive a hand signed, numbered A3 giclée print of your selected NFT Rune (to claim your prints visit our website). There will only ever be this 100 prints and the actual original painting, once a Rune is sold out, the original will be unlocked for sale. 30% of all profits will go towards other women led projects and selected charities. Join us in our discord community and follow me on twitter @SoullanaArt for all the updates!

Dagaz 001/100


Each rune brings its own message so if you have been called intuitively to this rune, it probably has a message for you. You can read a short meaning of this rune on my website. This is a representation of a Norse Rune Dagaz that is representing a cycle of self transformation. the timing is right, an outcome is assured, rely on radical trust. All original holders receive a hand signed, numbered print, authenticity certificate and a full meaning of the Rune. (claim on website)

Dagaz 001/100

Lisans: Pub/NonComm
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