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Marking 22 months since russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine began, we at Helping to Leave are launching a special project: an NFT collection that consists of unique images and real stories of Ukrainians evacuated from areas of military conflict. The number "22" commemorates the 22 months of the ongoing brutal war (as of December 2023) and also represents the year the full-scale invasion began. We prepared our collection in December, yet finalized the minting in January. Therefore, we added one more bonus NFT to the collection to represent the recently passed year 2023 and the ongoing 23rd month of the full-scale invasion. The tokens are priced according to different categories of evacuation case complexity. Purchase an NFT or spread the word to help us evacuate more Ukrainians who need this today.

#1 Before the War I Had a Farm








We evacuated Natalya and her family from the temporarily occupied territory of Kherson to Odesa. The family is safe now. Living under occupation, she helped the Ukrainian military until some pro-russian residents reported her. Despite threats and torture, Natalya did not cooperate with the occupation authorities. This is her story. – Before the war, I had a farm: cows, a calf, piglets, and two acres for planting vegetables. Russian soldiers and the FSB began checking us. Perhaps I was betrayed by a local sympathizer. One day they interrogated our family in our own home. The next time, the military police picked me up at 9 am and brought me to the police station. The soldiers pulled out a gun, took a bullet out of it and showed me, saying that this is my life and it is in their hands. They gave me a piece of paper and told me to write a suicide note. They threatened to hang me from a tree and bring my husband and children to identify my body. A few days later, they came for me again, at night. They put a bag over my head, put me in a car and took me to an unknown direction. I was taken to a small room with a table and chair. They sat me down, took off my mask and said: "We're going to pay you visits – think of people with pro-Ukrainian views, as well as those who may be taking photos of equipment." They kept coming back to the room. They dragged me around pulling by the hair, beat my legs, and pressured me psychologically. They tortured me like this till 7 am until realized that they wouldn’t get anything from me. Then they put me back in the car and released me near the house. The brother of our new mayor with pro-russian views told us: “You are as stubborn as mules. Just take russian passports and they will leave you alone.” We said we would not take them. He replied that we could give up our farm because we were going to be deported and someone else would take over.


#1 Before the War I Had a Farm

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