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Flowing Painting is one of the 5 themes of James Arax’s paintings in website. The Flowing painting collection will total a maximum of 5000 NFTs. Each nft is associated with a physical artwork. The collection brings together the paintings on canvas and on paper produced during the artistic performance Presence painting. The most representative series of James Arax's openflow style with long verticals colored drips. At each Presence painting performance session James invites a model. The models are chosen during meetings at exhibitions, in a café, during a party… without casting. Each time he creates a large painting 200cmx170cm 78,7in x 66,9in on canvas, a series on paper with about 20 items, photos and videos. The others NFTs collections are Flowing Muse, Flowing Magic, Flowing Cloud and Flowing Forest.



Painting series




Main color



78,7x66,9in 200x170cm




Nylon canvas


James Arax


Flowing Painting

A large non figurative painting PP35 -THE GIRL WHO LOVES ART I series Presence painting Season 5 - made during an artistic performance painting with a model in Paris. This painting is inspired by an artlover who believes in God. She is from Poland, living in Paris. Interesting talk about faith in God, which is an important component of Polish culture. It inspired James for the golden cross, one of the figurative elements of this abstract canvas…James used a lot of golden pigments. He was inspired by the gold leaf background of religious icons that represent divine light. There are a lot of religious Christian signs like in the religious architecture or religious icons. James let the model write a psalm on the canvas. Letting the person write on the Presence painting canvas is proof of the model’s presence at a given time. A kind of strong authentication of the artwork. To tell you the entire truth, the painting session took place just few hours after the airplane crash with the president of Poland Lech Kaczynski on board. As a Poland citizen she was very shoked. So this painting is like a prayer for those 96 persons who lost their lifes and their loved ones.
 This model helped James a lot during his openings in Paris. James always says « There are those who talk and there are those who do. She is one of those positive and dynamic people that an artist needs to pursue his Artwork ».
 The name of the performance is PRESENCE PAINTING. It is a new type of portraiture, an augmented portrait in the form of an assemblage work combining an XL matrix painting 78.7x 66.9in, a series of paintings on paper, photos of the model and a video of the session. At each performance session James invites a model and made a large painting THE MATRIX. There is also an original spatial device in the studio (Remote, camera, video, screen, egg chair 360°). More informations on


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