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Consistency is the literal key to creating value. Song will be dropped weekly. Every song comes with 5 shares with prices that vary and unlock-able content which includes: 15% of all master streaming royalties(3% for each holder), VIP concert tickets for long-term holders(physical/digital), surprise apparel drops, secret airdrops, access to exclusive Discord chat, scavenger hunts etc. The more shares you hold, the more income you will receive overtime.







I love to be on the go. It brings about an excitement that's unlike any other. Being "GON" is mostly about knowing how to separate yourself from different situations. It's a fact that we are all born with FOMO syndrome but learning how to step away is one of the biggest keys to becoming truly valuable. This is 1 of the 7 shares available for this specific song.


Lisans: Pub/NonComm
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