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There are a variety of fascinating items here with all kinds of different themes and styles. You will definitely relish appreciating the magic, power and beauty of art. Art is not like mathematics. 2 plus 2 may be 5 or 3. 3 times 3 may result in 11 or 7. There won’t be one specific answer everyone can agree with. It has a lot to do with your mental and emotional state in your life. It will impact on you beyond scientific calculation!




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Nothing like a perfectly designed AI, we human beings all make mistakes, and misspelling is one of our most common writing errors. The invention of the spell check function in a variety of software is definitely a game changer that rescues us from embarrassment, conceals our oversights, and allows us to be bit lazier when attending to our finger movements. Needless to say, it is extremely important to avoid misspellings when writing. People will judge your intelligence, academic background, and even the educational level of your entire family based on poor spelling. However, here, we ask you to relax a little and, once in a blue moon, let that error turn into something unique like a work art. Without the help of an automated spell correction program, can you actually spot a misspelling? This avant garde-inspired conceptual NFT is true cynicism. I’ll never be in a position to judge a statement like, “Is correct spelling overrated?” In the era of social media, some people started insisting, “YES”. Donut or doughnut? In this case, it looks like both are correct, especially if you are in the USA. The funny part of this fiasco is that even though this word is misspelled—and whether you notice the misspelling or not—I bet 99% of humans can actually understand the meaning of it by just looking at it. The human brain is quite bizarre, don’t you think?


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