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We're proud to present "Community: For The Love Of 3D". In the search for more amazing 3D artists, we felt the need to create something special, and with the voices of our community, the VR gallery got its chosen artists. We present to you the winners of the 3D Art Competition and the creators behind the artworks you can view in this first-ever 3D Art exhibition hosted by SolSea.

Primal Artifact II


Primal Artifact




ECT (Estimated Creation Time)

1st-2nd second after the Big Bang



Core Element 1

Pure Gold

Core Element 2

Compressed Black Diamond

Power and Use

One of the keys to the Gate of the Multiverse


Singular 1/1

Primal Artifact II carries in it secrets knowledge from past and from the future. Its origins are still unknown but there are some assumptions that it would be an interdimensional object and Primal-Lab researchers place it in the category of extremely rare Digital Collectibles. What is known about this digital object is that it carries an immeasurable power and the one who owns it has a special privilege to have it in his collection. Its secrets will be revealed in time.

Primal Artifact II

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