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1/1 NFT paper collages. This collection consists of personal experiences and emotions that I tried to use scissors and glue to cut out of the flesh of the gloss. Roughly cut chaos and sticky bits of order cut from cheap glamour magazines. As usual: from one magazine as many collages as possible.

On the other side of borderline





White marker


Black marker

(A collage from GQ magazine about traveling to the other side). Feelings and thoughts are like rivers. Standing next to them, you can't see their beginning and end. From this vantage point, maybe. But you can go a little higher. Change the scale and see from which body of water they flow. The source. Ask myself, what caused this outburst of rage? Why did I do this? Why can't I forgive or continue to hold a grudge? You can zoom in even further and see the origins of the development of culture and religion. The emergence of animal species and the evolution of humans. Everything has origins. You find the source, you understand the cause. ******* Who benefits from war, who benefits from stupidity and submissiveness, anger toward the unlike, who benefits from tradition, how the body manipulates the mind, why you really want to buy it. ******* See you on the other side.
On the other side of borderline
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