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This collection is an invitation to reflect on human life and what it entails learning to live it from a renewing point of view from the taking of awareness of our inner essence. I want to share my world view from a visual language with compositions symbolic in which I express points that lead to deep reflection. I'm looking for network to discover and reflect the goodness, the hope and the strength of the love that purifies and it consumes all disharmony. A better way is possible.






love words in different languages

lotus flower


From a deep sleep that oppresses my soul I want to wake up. Subtle energies surround my journey with laws that dictate the sentence of karma. I am just beginning to realize the influences of dark feelings and lower emotions blinding and suffocating me, over and over again. I silence my mind and recognize the chains. Little by little I begin to perceive that with surrender the ties are broken. I resurface from that battle of transmutation, where I transcend the small caterpillar of the self to a state of liberation, which begins a new and better path to live without suffering. The opposites that live in me begin to reconcile when I look inside and find the One who comforts my soul.


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