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Each piece tells a unique story, with narratives ranging from optimism and positivity (☺) to dark ambition and malevolence (☹). Neon lights signify good intent or unchecked desires, while graffiti of emojis with various teeth representations highlight contentment versus predatory instincts. Ferrofluid textures represent the mutable nature of reality, and emoji circuits underscore digital emotion integration. Autonomous AI-driven vehicles symbolize both progress and potential dangers of unchecked technological advancement and greed. At its core, the collection addresses dualities within progress and ambition, questioning morals, sustenance versus greed, and human versus digitally edited intentions. The art was created using VR graffiti in 'King'spray', AI-generated characters in 'Midjourney', and overlay edits in Photoshop. "E⋀T - △LL" invites viewers to immerse, question, and choose a side in this techno-social landscape. The collection consists of 37 art pieces, divided into 12 groups of 3, using layered overlays with deeper symbolic interpretations.



Foreground: "EAT" Graffiti, E- Circuit

Background: E- Circuit, "EAT" graffiti


Consume Reality, Embrace Singularity. E⋀T - ▲LL


Lisans: Pub/NonComm
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