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This is my signature collection. It will track my journey into art. It's a search, an exploration, a mission. I will track here my progression, my steps. I may drop just one milestone, or a short serie. I will go forward, I may step back sometimes. Those steps are also seeds. Most will not have followups, other could. I set me free to do what I like, I feel, I want, even walking on the path without goal. This collection will be spread, so I will have one track on OpenSea Polygon, one on SolSea Solana, one on a Tezos marketplace. When I will drop a piece on OpenSea, I will also drop on SolSea and Tezos. Not the same, but sisters. You will see. All pieces will be 1/1. Seldomly, if I feel the need and people want it, a dedicated collection could born from those seeds. Logo, banner, featured image will change while I change. Welcome to my journey. Be ready, it will be a bit weird but interesting.

Breaking the wall


Journey Step






Another experimental work following my "from real world to art" approach. I'm get my ideas from real world experiences. Could be an object, some natural view, anything could start the process. I usually get a shot, or take a sketch, to work on it later. May be painting, than digital manipulation or photo and AI. And infinite try. This result I like a lot. Hope you can appreciate too.
Breaking the wall
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