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The surrealist art collection "The Underground Sunset" is a fascinating exploration of the mysterious geological structures lying beneath the Earth's surface. With a color palette dominated by yellow and black, these works evoke the presence of sandstone rocks impregnated with hydrocarbons and the oil that lies deep within the earth. Each piece invites the viewer to immerse themselves in a surreal landscape where reality merges with imagination, revealing the hidden secrets of the underground in a sunset of unsettling and evocative tones. This collection was created by JSArteNFT using my creativity, the support of the Leonardo AI platform, and it has a total of 50 pieces of art at most, so no more NFTs will be generated once they are all published.

Underground Sunset 2


Work number 1 from my collection "The Underground Sunset". Prepared by building a prompt with relevant geological aspects of the subsoil, on the Leonardo AI platform; achieving this wonderful surrealist work.

Underground Sunset 2

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