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A collection of poems written overtime , reflecting ardour in abundance during different phase of life. Web 3.0 has given this opportunity to artist across the globe to showcase the art without struggling to make it a living. Have has my work hidden in a closet for almost 10 years now. Mint these poetry if you resonate with them. And it will help all the poets displat their art in the world of blockchain.





Metawords collection promotes art, poetry and its reality in the web 3.0 world. This is a pixelate artwork of one the terms used in the web 3.0 world. Mint is a term very close to an NFTs artist. A lot of excitement and nerves are attached to this term. It is process of coverting our digital artwork - music, video, poetry, gifs etc and store them in the blockchain.
Lisans: Pub/NonComm
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