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    OpenSea: Discord: Twitter: Instagram: Telegram: http://eyeofunity.crypto The world's first blockchain-powered NFT minting arcade platform for crypto investors, gamers, and NFT collectors. Stay invested in the cryptocurrency market by playing games with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in MATIC crypto tokens. Combining the power of NFT storage on Polygon Blockchain with Opensea's crypto trading technology, you can now play free online arcade games from your browser that dispense NFTs after winning mini-games just like real arcade tokens only digital. Eye of Unity’s primary goal is to create an ecosystem that allows users to easily access unique gaming experiences and artistically produced pieces via its native token EYE. This token will be used as a medium for exchanging value for high-quality entertainment products on their platform such as digital artworks created with their AI tools or video games produced with their in-house game development studio. By integrating this token into their various services, users will have access to exciting gaming experiences that are tailored specifically for them. Making use of sophisticated algorithms powered by data collected from user behaviors also helps them create a truly personalized experience for each individual user on the Polygon network. Be a part of our decentralized community for artists, developers and gamers alike – explore new ideas, share your creations, gain experience in the gaming sphere or just have fun! With Eye of Unity, you can take your passion one step further. Join my Discord today!