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    Cramer 15: Virtual NFT Exhibition

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    Two photographers, one idea. Over the years, Sven Germann and Oliver Nanzig have cultivated an impressive portfolio in their specialist fields of portraits and still life. Their high-end photos are a testament to their work, which has taken them all over the world. For the first time, their pictures are on public display and available to purchase. Every picture tells a story. And those created by Sven Germann and Oliver Nanzig are no exception. Their virtual gallery, CRAMER 15, allows you to experience the photo exhibits wherever and whenever you want. Immerse yourself in a world of images that speaks for itself, and even get in touch with the men behind the camera to find out more about a particular picture and how it came to be. CRAMER 15 is more than just the name of the gallery and the website, it also refers to the street address in Zurich that is the birthplace of the artists’ creative ideas. This is where Sven Germann and Oliver Nanzig have shared a studio for five years, and where they create and display their images.