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    Open Flow: Virtual NFT Exhibition


    Arz 279



    Please be aware that it can take a few minutes for the on-chain activity to be displayed here.
    Flowing Painting is one of the 5 themes of James Arax’s paintings in website. The Flowing painting collection will total a maximum of 5000 NFTs. Each nft is associated with a physical artwork. The collection brings together the paintings on canvas and on paper produced during the artistic performance Presence painting. The most representative series of James Arax's openflow style with long verticals colored drips. At each Presence painting performance session James invites a model. The models are chosen during meetings at exhibitions, in a café, during a party… without casting. Each time he creates a large painting 200cmx170cm 78,7in x 66,9in on canvas, a series on paper with about 20 items, photos and videos. The others NFTs collections are Flowing Muse, Flowing Magic, Flowing Cloud and Flowing Forest.