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    Nelson Katonasaï is a historical digital artist. He was an active member of MirzaCo in the 90's and in 2000 he was part of Zei's circle and became friends with Artab and Willy Babs. This exclusive collection of non-fungible tokens revisits his first major exhibition at the Kit-Kat Club in Berlin, an exhibition in which he first used his Katonasaï pseudonym and which consists of a commentary on a passage by Goodman in Languages of Art: "Compare an electrocardiogram fragment with a drawing of Mount Fuji-Yama by Hokusai. The black zigzag lines on white backgrounds may be exactly the same in both cases. However, one is a diagram and the other a picture. What makes the difference? [...] The difference is syntactic: the constitutive aspects of the diagram, insofar as they are compared with the pictorial character are the object of an express and narrow restriction." This collection was made possible by the discovery of a usb key where only a few of the 36 diagrams presented in the original exhibition could be found.