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Lo Sciamano #2



Il ballo rituale magico dello sciamano. Due biacchi lo accompagnano nella danza. Graffito rupestre di Porto Badisco. Salento. Italia.


Lo Sciamano #2

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The dance of the Messapian shaman in Porto Badisco is accompanied by a pair of snakes at his feet. The pictograms of Grotta dei Cervi, in bat guano and red ocher, depict geometric, human and animal shapes, dating back to the Neolithic era, between 4,000 and 3,000 BC. The figures represent hunters, animals (dogs, horses, deer), objects, magical symbols, abstract geometries and many deer hunting scenes (hence the name of the cave). One of the most famous pictograms is the so-called God who dances, which depicts a dancing shaman. The Grotta dei Cervi is a natural coastal cave, located along the Salento coast in Porto Badisco in the Municipality of Otranto (Lecce). Warning 1 for investors: don't classify it as Art. Warning 2 (14/042022): Notice for investors in my NFT collections: the "Lo Sciamano" collection on the platform is not original; it's a fake! Here is the link of the fake collection: Here is the link of the original collection on NFT shamans from #49 to #98 are to be considered fake on whatever platform they are sold. The numbering of the originals resumes only on from #99. However, I thank the fake creator who calls himself "Tikibros" for the unwanted advertising but I invite him to try to understand that the processes of construction of meaning and therefore of value are not linked to stratifications of fake colors but to the stratification of experiences, paths of existences and meanings.

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